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"Give Me Just Three Weeks And I'll Show You Step By Step How To Create And Sell Your Own High
Profit Information Marketing Products By Using Freely Available Public Domain Information"

Join me on the 3 week program and I'll personally mentor and guide you to having your own product finished, packaged, ready to download and racking up profit producing orders 24 hours a day 365 days a year

And it doesn't matter where in the world you live or want to operate this business from. In fact I've just come back from Spain where sales from my public domain products continued to make me money!

From Neil Stafford
Lancashire, UK

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Do the words above sound too good to be true?

Don't believe it is possible?

Want to see proof?

Then read on....

...It was an unusally warm spring day and 27 entrepreneurs had gathered at the Monk Bar Hotel in York, England to spend 3 intensive days putting together their own online business using Public Domain information.

The days were long and the information kept coming, as did the help and support, until on Sunday evening everyone of them had their own website and product ready to go with just a couple of extra tweaks required.

The tuition fee for this hands on and intensive workshop?

$4497 and there was a waiting list of over 75 people who were too late to register.

Was it worth it?

Here are just a handful of the 100% positive comments we received from the workshop attendees.


"The Most Sincere and Committed People It's
Been My Pleasure To Work With"

I guess I am just echoing what everyone else, who attended are saying, wow!! Talk about over delivered. (You) are the most sincere and committed group of people it has been my pleasure to work with. The time and effort put into the setting up, and delivery of this workshop must have been immense....

All in all a fantastic real value for money workshop for anyone wanting to break into the information marketing business, and just to say "thank you doesn't seem enough.

Mike Lucas - Streetly, UK


"exceeded all my expectations"

The workshop exceeded all my expectations including how tired I would be at the end of it! Thanks to you all for your hospitality, generosity and enthusiasm during the whole period. I came with some reservations, having been ripped off in the past, and left totally satisfied, having learned all I wanted and more..

Malcolm Desborough - Codicote


Superb Instruction + Brilliant Entertainment
= EXCELLENT Value For Money

Never mind "targeted traffic + conversion = sales". How about: Superb Instruction + Brilliant Entertainment = EXCELLENT Value For Money. For those of us who carry this forward, you not only fed us but gave us the tools to feed ourselves for the remainder of our lives.

John Wigham - Glossop


Do Not Waste Money On (other people's)
Internet Marketing & Seminars

Probably the only course that gets the attendees online. Do not waste money on (other people's) Internet Marketing and seminars.

Jon Butt - Charente, France


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And there are another couple of dozen as well.

Can you see the common theme throughout the testimonials? How we worked WITH the attendees making sure they were all on track and creating their own online business.

The Weekend Was A Great Success BUT Let Me Tell You

** I'm NOT Doing Another One **

There are several reasons why, however the main ones are that I just don't have the time to commit to setting up (the preparation time was in the 100's of hours) and running another weekend Public Domain Course.

Believe me, running that workshop was both mentally and physically tiring and with my current project commitments I couldn't give another workshop the time and effort required to make it another wouldn't be fair on the people who attended.

However, I've been inundated with emails and telephone calls from people on the waiting list for the workshop AND our members and clients asking (and in some cases begging!) for me to help them set up a web business using freely available public domain information.

Why Public Domain Information?

Simple, it's already there, your product is 95% production headaches, no book to write, no audio to record, no freelance writers to find, hire and pay.

It's All There For You

If you know where to look and how to source these freely available works...

The 27 people who attended that unique workshop now know where to look and source this information and use it in their own businesses.

So, how can you?

Because of the people on the workshop waiting list, and the other Gold Members of the Internet Marketing Review, I decided it wasn't fair on those who missed out on the workshop due to a schedule clash, they were too late to register or they had financial constraints at the time.

That's why I sat down and created a proven 3 week fast action plan for creating an online business using Public Domain information that will start you making money with your own internet business.


The Fast Track Public Domain eClass

For 3 weeks (or as long as you need, it all goes at your pace) this unique and highly specialized online eclass will give you my step by step system for researching markets so you can 99.99% guarantee your success before you start any project.

  • How to find Public Domain material that no one else has (and no this isn't the usual look on Project Gutenberg statement!)

  • Discover the process of putting together (notice I didn't say write) an order pulling sales letter.

  • Use laser targeted marketing methods, both free and paid techniques including how to find affiliate and JV partners to promote your products AND understand the difference between the two.

  • The absolute best way to create up sells and put together back end offers to REALLY rake in the cash...

...And best of all

  • How to put all of this on autopilot.

Imagine it, in just three short weeks from the start of this class you'll have your own finished information product complete and ready to roll and start taking orders.

You could, under my guidance, experience some of the success I see every day for myself and other students.

Successes such as...

  • One Public Domain website that brings in an average of $1462.40 per month, every month, with less than 15 minutes spent on it each month (I'll show you this site of mine).

  • How two public domain websites were responsible for bringing in $97,550.30 on one project alone in less than 9 weeks.

  • A single Public Domain ebook that turned into a fully fledged publishing business in itself.

  • When one business lady, seeing a downturn in her original business, took a Public Domain book and turned it into 7 figure empire and now travels the world on speaking and book publishing engagements...I'll tell you who it is on the course.

  • I'll show you the exact steps I took for a bet that led me to create a public domain product about a specific gardening niche (it's not my Rock Gardening book) to pay for a gardener for us!

  • How one member found an ideal niche market after watching a movie from the 1980's (you'll know it when I tell you!) and used a Public Domain book to turn it into a simple profit producing business that works day in and day out...everyday!

You see, this is all about doing the work once and being paid over and over and over again, every day for 365 days of the year, for as long as you want.

Imagine waking up every morning and seeing your in box FULL of orders taken from around the world whilst you have been sleeping.

I was in Spain recently to look for a Villa to buy with Karen and my Public Domain sites kept on selling...

I do understand how this can come across as hype, or too good to be true...but it happens to me and my other students every single day.

In fact, if you know me then you'll know that I never sell using hypey messages...just pure fact based, real world examples.

Do you want to see 3 public domain websites
that are live and in action today taking orders?

Chinese Cooking

Rock Gardens

Example Public Domain Business 3

All of these took less than 8 hours to put together from start to fact, the Secrets of Chinese Cooking took about two and a half hours.

Will these three sites make me very wealthy on their own?

Let me tell you, no they won't, but each of these websites provide me with a very healthy POSITIVE cash flow EVERY SINGLE Month.

These sites for many people could pay a mortgage,
a car payment or a holiday of a lifetime.

Did you know you can drive an Aston Martin Vantage for only $999 per month! - How about having one site that pays for that?

How about a villa in Barbados for $1500 per month - tick in the box again for another one of your websites above paying that very soon.

What about paying for a couple of investment property mortgages, or even your own mortgage..would an extra $975+ per month do? Another tick in box for you when you have your own online business.

What would you use the extra money for?

Public Domain Class Warning

Beware of the people who only talk about using Public Domain material and don't do it themselves.

It annoys me when I see sites from marketers (and in some cases well known marketers) who offer Public Domain ebooks and courses who obviously don't, and never have done, it themselves.

In fact, what some of them teach is just wrong at best AND gives you illegal information at worst.

I have personally had a meeting with the Copyright Council of Great Britain to get the UK legal stand point of using Public Domain material.

I even had to have a barrister with me as well and let me tell you that WASN'T cheap!

Add to that the input from our USA legal team and the library of congress interview the legal bill was close to $7500.

All this was to ensure we had the legal seal of approval to use Public Domain information  to sell it around the world.

We've done the research so all you have to do is make the profit

And profit you will.

How Much Income Do You Want Every Month?

Once you have one site up and running there's no reason why you can't have two, three, four or even 8, 9 and 10...the choice is yours.

There is just so much Public Domain Information out there waiting to be snapped up and used to make money.

Ok, let's run some numbers for you....

I have one public domain website that only does around $700 per month, so let's be really pessimistic and use a low number of just $500 profit per month.

What would happen if you had...

Public Domain Earnings

Now imagine that figure as $1,000 per month per site or even  $2,000 per site per month...the numbers get exciting don't they?

And you'll get my complete fool proof system for creating these little money oil wells.

You've heard of the Internet Lifestyle and part time business...well, this truly is it.

Remember it all starts with my complete step by step PROVEN system.

Here's how it works

Easy To Understand
Each week you'll have access to the online training modules. These training materials will be concise and to the point with easy to follow instructions. They won't be filled with waffle or filler to pad it out. I want you to FOCUS in and remove any feeling of information overload.


Online Training Videos

Each lesson will have online training videos for you to watch should you need them. If you're not sure of something simply watch how I do it as many times as you want and then put it into practice yourself. Personally I like to see something first and then do it myself.


Action Orientated Assignments

And the end of each assignment there will be 2 to 4 points for you to cover as homework if you want to. They're not compulsory, but you can use them to help build your Public Domain Business.

These assignments can be used to keep you focused and on track.


Personalised Q&A Sessions

Anytime you want during the 3 week course (and beyond). You'll have the chance to interact with me AND Pete our technical guru. We will answer any questions you may have regarding a lesson in the private support area. During the week I'll usually have the answer back to you the same day; and at weekends it may take a little longer, BUT you will get a personal answer.

By the end of the 3 weeks you will have a PROVEN step by step system that works and continues to work for as long as you want.

Plus, this system is scalable...

Regardless of how technology changes or new ideas that come out, Public Domain Information will always be available to you to take and profit from.

This Is The Same System I Use On ALL
Of My Own Public Domain Projects

Here's what you'll discover and use over the next 3 weeks:

Week 1

  • How to decide on a topic AND importantly decide if it's a viable market to sell into.

  • I'll give you my OWN system for researching a market that virtually guarantees you success BEFORE you even start on your project.

  • What simple tools I use to determine the profit potential of a project and the future earnings from repeat sales.

  • Three questions you need to ask yourself before starting your Public Domain project, miss one of these and you could be dead in the water before you begin.

  • How to look at your market through your customers eyes and deliver them what they are searching for now.

  • Finding Public Domain material, checking copyright and preparing your product for sale

  • Discover my secret 15 sites you can use to find Public Domain Material to take and use as your own (and not one of them is Project Guttenberg).

  • How to check to see if the material you want is free to use in under 7 minutes.

  • The exact feedback I got from the UK Copyright Council and my USA legal team on selling Public Domain information here in the UK and worldwide...get this wrong and you could be facing prosecution and a hefty legal bill...and getting it right is SO easy when you know how (I'll show you!).

  • How to prepare your information for selling and discover the simple tricks that will allow you to sell a simple ebook for a LOT more profit.

Week 2

  • Over the years I've written sales letters that have brought in hundreds of thousands and into the millions in sales...I'll break down my exact method for creating order pulling sales letters...Notice how I said create and not write.

  • Discover how to keep the two types of people who read your letter interested (the skimmers and the in depth readers) so you don't lose either before they buy.

  • The absolute easiest way to maximise on EVERY visitor to your website and pull in every order'll shake your head at how easy this is.

  • How to draw your visitors into your sales letter so they don't feel 'sold to' BUT have to keep reading to find out more about your product.

  • My own 13 point checklist I use with every letter I write... miss one step and your sales WILL suffer and probably dry up all together.

  • Building your list the quick, simple and easy way to bring in even more profits

  • You've probably heard that the money is in your list...well it's not just in your list but in the relationship you have with your list....

  • Discover the simple way to build your list quickly AND develop a relationship with your prospects so they become customers for life.

  • Should you use double or single opt in?...I'll show you the exact numbers from our own lists and which sort I use.

  • How to create emails that pull in every ounce of profit from your customer list and have your customers emailing to thank you for your product and service.

  • The secret 2 step email sequence I use to bring in superb glowing testimonials...all on auto pilot.

  • Which autoresponder service is right for your Public Domain business, I got this wrong at first and it cost me won't make the same mistake.

  • Using your autoresponder series to train your customers to use your products AND come back and buy more from you...I'll even show the best day after the original sale to introduce your next product, or affiliate recommendation, for the highest take up of this offer.


Week 3

  • Marketing and driving 1000's of visitors to your website using my top 5 traffic sources

  • The important thing to remember here is that you do NOT need 101 ways to drive traffic to your website...a handful of targeted techniques will work VERY well.

  • Discover the most underused traffic source on the web today and how I use it to bring in thousands of web visitors every day to my own sites.

  • I'll reveal how I still use Pay Per Click (PPC) search engines to bring in qualified traffic and get my cost per clicks as low as 0.06c for what looks like a single sales letter website. I'm going to show you my actual campaigns and results.

  • What new PPC method I'm using that puts my advert in front of hundreds of thousands of QUALIFIED prospects and still pay less than 0.05c per'll be amazed at how powerful but simple this method is.

  • With Several of my Public Domain websites I do NO marketing what so ever and still bring in sales everyday...the reason? I have 100's of affiliates promoting my websites for me.

  • I'll show you how to find these 'super' affiliates and how to get them selling your products.

  • How to build a great army of affiliates and have them send you visitors every day.

  • My secret SEO tip that will have your site ranking high in the search engines without you having to be a SEO rocket scientist or paying someone else to do it.

  • To blog or not to blog...that is the question? Discover how I use simple blogs to bring in traffic without having to spend hours creating my own content OR having to pay for the content to be created.

Plus a special bonus week 4

Week 4

  • Creating up sell offers and back end products for even greater profits.

  • The SIMPLEST and easiest way to create a back end product that you can sell for hundreds but will take you less than 90 minutes to create.

  • How to use your existing Public Domain product to create an up sell that 15%+ of your customers will buy...adding hundreds to your profits.

  • Where to introduce your upsell offer, get this wrong and you could lose the sale altogether.

  • How to turn a single Public Domain book into a publishing empire selling thousands of products around the globe.

  • And much, much more...


The 3 week course on its own is fantastic, however, if you are lucky enough to secure a place on the course you will also receive...

  • Online Training Videos Value (Priceless) that show you each step of the process of setting up your Public Domain business. Unsure of what to do...simply press play, watch as I show you step by step what to do and then repeat it yourself...

    Need to watch a video again? No problem press play again and watch it as many times as you have full and complete access to these videos. It's like having me there with you as you look over my shoulder as I show you what to do.

  • Plug and Play Website Templates Value $97. You'll also receive a set of website templates you can use to set up your Public Domain Business. Simple to use but very effective in conveying a trustworthy and professional look for your business.

  • Special Q &A Webinar at the end of week 3. Once you have gone through the eclass you'll have access to a very special webinar where I go through any questions you may have from the course including how to develop your business further.

What's Your Investment?

At this point most people are thinking about $1000 or $1500. Like I said earlier, the original inperson workshop was $4497 per person.

However for this eClass, and as I'll be sending you the information across the Internet, you'll pay just a fraction of the workshop's $4497.

Now, we have sold this eclass for as much as $797 and the last time we offered it the price was $497....and it sold out in less than 48 hours!

However, for the rest of this month we are going to let you participate in the Public Domain Fast Track Ecourse for a a VERY special discounted price of $297.

This is a very fair price especially when you consider a 12 month membership to Public Domain Resource would set you back $564 alone!

Then add in mine and Pete's time, the training materials and all of the bonuses and it is a VERY good opportunity.

Reserve Your Place Today!

Reserve Your Place Today


Because of the one on one help and support, telephone calls and the assignments I will be looking at, I can only accept 30 people.

Yes, that's right just 30 people...and this isn't a marketing ploy to get you to register now. If you know me then you know I ALWAYS work with low numbers on all the programs we run.

Once we reach thirty people that's it, your name will go on a waiting list and a place will only open up if someone drops out.

So, if you are seriously interested in having your own profit producing Internet business up and running in 3 weeks then reserve your place today.

With just 30 places available I fully expect them to go within a matter of days if not hours.


If you're willing to work and let me show you how it's actually done then I urge you to reserve your place today.

Put your web business and profits on autopilot now...get your website working for you twenty four hours a day...reserve one of the limited places today

I look forward to working with you soon

Best wishes

Neil Stafford

Neil Stafford

P.S. You may be thinking where's the guarantee? If you are then maybe this course isn't for you...You see, I am looking for people who are action orientated, not for someone who just wants to have a look and then refund if they find it involves work.

If that's you then please don't register and waste both of our time...however if you want to create your own products and sell them on the net within 3 weeks then I will give you all the help and support you need to be up and running by the end of the course.



"I swear to God it would have taken me till the year 2525 to find all this information and know how myself."

Dear Neil, I felt I had to write and thank you........ I learned more from you than I have been able to pick up from countless books and courses costing me thousands of pounds.

So many things which were simple for you were utterly beyond my comprehension until you demonstrated how easy it was.

Things like, registering a domain name, getting it hosted, actually setting up a web site the easy way, a home page, a download page, to name but a few.

Then there was all those little hints on how to save time bouncing back and forth from place to place lining up the tools in a site to make it work without a hitch.

And another classic was the simplest method of all on how to create a unique sales letter, without having to actually do it myself from scratch, bloody inspiring Neil.

Mustn't forget the explanations on paypal, and clickbank and how it can earn me money while I sleep.

I swear to God it would have taken me till the year 2525 to find all this information and know how myself.

Listen, if there is anybody out there who needs confirmation of your skills and the ease in which you project your knowledge in such an easy to understand way, give them my phone number, I'll be delighted to recommend you to anyone who takes the time to ask.

John Fox-Kirk, Leeds


"I can definitely say that now I’ve met Neil I have learned so much and I know they will help me to generate a massive income."

Tony Kerr, Birmingham


"I wanted to find out more about the internet and I now know it is possible to do good business on the internet. I recommend Neil & Pete. They are very good presenters (and good fun as well!)"

Ruth Morgan, UK


"I needed to find a simplistic plan for a way forward. You need a plan to get from A to Z and Neil has provided that. He's made clearing through the woods for me"

Gary Young, NicheMarketingReview


"I wanted to try to recover from the many mistakes I’d made in trying to make a living on the internet. I can confidently say that’s exactly what’s been achieved with Neil."

Michael Dale, Shardley, Derbyshire



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